Scripture writing is designed to let you experience the Holy scripture of the Bible in a different way. The daily commitment builds up spiritual discipline, letting the Word of God find the way into your heart, so the Spirit of God can lead you as you go through your daily life. Scripture writing benefits the writer with immense treasure, wisdom and truth bestowed from Heaven. This year, we invite those who are interested with the activity to copy the Book of Deuteronomy and the Colossians.


How should I do it? 我要怎么做?

Below are the guidelines that you may use for scripture writing. The activity shall lead you on a spiritual journey in experiencing the Word of God. 以下是可用指导。这项活动应该会带领您属灵的脚步 来经历上帝的话语。

  • Apportion the number of verses to be hand copied each day.
  • You are advised to take the commitment for a whole year.
  • There are 958 verses in Deuteronomy and 95 verses in Colossians.
  • You are advised to take the commitment for the whole year.
  • Avoid completing it in a short time but rather digest the Words daily.
  • Set apart a time daily after your devotion for the activity.
  • You may use this activity as your personal devotion.
  • Read aloud the verses and copy them down onto your writing pad.
  • You may memorise the verses and use the Words as prayers.
  • Make reflection of the scripture verses. Repeat daily.
  • 分出每天要抄写的经文数量。
  • 申命记中有958节经文,歌罗西书中有95节经文。
  • 我们建议您兑现整整一年的承诺。
  • 避免在短时间内完成,而是要每天消化上帝的话语。
  • 请每天安排一个时间, 在灵修后抄写经文。
  • 您也可以将此活动作为个人的灵修。
  • 大声朗读经文,然后将其抄写到写字板上。
  • 您可以背诵经文,并把道作为祷告。
  • 反思经文。每天重复

When will the activity end? 活动何时结束?

The activity takes a year to complete. The ending date will be announced nearing the end of the year 2020. Please submit your work to the church Christian Education ministry. You may also adorn your work for remembrance.