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We are a church that serves and builds the house of the Lord, nurturing all believers to love the Lord our God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Our distinctive inheritance attributed from the Methodist movement, is to further the great commission of the Lord Jesus Christ; and experience together the power and grace of the Holy Spirit by bringing many to Him through the forgiveness of sins and renewing of life. Our early congregation was established in Hobart circa 2008 by several Christian families who experienced the calling from God and came together to form the Hobart Preaching Point, in connection with the Chinese Methodist Church in Australia, Melbourne. In 2014 the congregation was raised to become Faith Methodist Church Hobart, and we are grateful to the pastors and co-workers in Christ who dedicated their lives for the work of the Lord here in Hobart. The growth of God’s family is the calling of every believer. We sincerely invite you to join our church and our service team and experience the life transforming goodness of God. God bless you!
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我们是一间栽培每个主耶稣的信徒成为一位“尽心、尽性、尽意、尽力爱主我们的上帝”之教会。在卫理公会的特色下,我们以爱心彼此服侍、同心建造温暖的神家;还有一起经历在圣灵里的大能与恩典,更继续实践主耶稣所托付的大使命,引领更多人经历罪得赦免与生命的更新。 2008年4月中旬,原几个在霍巴特的家庭和一些弟兄姐妹同时经历上帝的感动和呼召,便一起聚集;与此同时获得澳洲华人卫理公会的祝福,成立了在其旗下的霍巴特布道所。在牧者与同工们多年的努力下,于2014年升格为堂会,名叫“信恩堂”卫理公会,继续主在霍巴特的圣工。 神家的成长,是每个信徒的呼召。我们诚心邀请您奉献恩赐,加入我们的服事团队,享受生命塑造的喜乐。 愿神祝福您!